The Vision

His Majesty King Abdullah II

"We will ensure that everybody is computer-literate. Every single school and community will be wired to be able to do that, simply because this is the type of quality and talent that we want in our work force."
HM King Abdullah II

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  The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has taken the IT lead in the Middle East. An initiative to ensure that every Jordanian has access to Information and Communications Technology has begun; significantly, these efforts are targeted towards those communities who, under ordinary circumstances, would not be able to experience ICT easily. These marginalized populations are those such as women, the underprivileged and underserved, children, laborers, farmers, and the illiterate. The majority of these communities reside in the rural and remote areas of Jordan, where access to ICT is difficult to obtain.

The Initiative of establishing Information Technology and Community Service Centers (renamed later Knowledge Stations) was launched in 2001. This initiative is intended to implement IT in local communities in remote areas in preparation for the E-government process. The National Information Technology Center (NITC) was mandated with the execution of the project after it conducted a study on the best practice in selecting the sites for the Knowledge Stations in the different governorates and local communities.

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